What Does Rebate Work on TEMU? [2024]

Rebates on TEMU offer shoppers a chance to save extra money by receiving a percentage of their purchase back in TEMU credits.

These rebates are claimed manually after purchase and require a photo or video review of the product.

They can be combined with other discounts, making them a valuable tool for maximizing savings on TEMU purchases.

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What is a Rebate on TEMU?

A rebate on TEMU is a money-saving opportunity that allows shoppers to recoup a portion of their purchase price after buying a qualifying product.

Essentially, it’s like getting a discount after the transaction is complete. When you make a purchase on TEMU and the item is eligible for a rebate, you can claim back a percentage of the total amount you paid, often in the form of TEMU credits.

These credits can then be used for future purchases on the platform, helping you save money on your next shopping spree.

Rebates on TEMU work by incentivizing customers to leave reviews or feedback about their purchases.

Once you’ve bought a rebate-eligible product, you need to submit a photo or video review to unlock the rebate.

This not only benefits you by earning credits but also helps other shoppers make informed decisions based on your experience.

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How Do Rebates Work on TEMU?

How Do Rebates Work on TEMU?

Rebates on TEMU operate as a clever savings strategy for savvy shoppers. When you purchase a product eligible for a rebate, you’re essentially unlocking a cashback opportunity. After buying the item, you need to manually claim the rebate through your TEMU account, typically by submitting a review with photos or videos.

This review requirement not only ensures that you’ve received the product but also helps TEMU gather valuable feedback from customers. Once your review is approved, you’ll receive the rebate amount in the form of TEMU credits, which can be used towards future purchases. By understanding how rebates work on TEMU and taking advantage of them, you can enjoy additional savings on a wide range of products while sharing your shopping experiences with others.

Rebates Must Be Claimed

To benefit from rebates on TEMU, it’s crucial to remember that they must be actively claimed. After making a purchase of a rebate-eligible item, the rebate amount won’t automatically apply to your account. Instead, you’ll need to log in to your TEMU account, navigate to the “My Rebates” section, and manually claim the rebate by clicking the designated button. This step is essential to ensure that you receive the cashback or credits owed to you. By staying proactive and claiming your rebates promptly, you can maximize your savings and enjoy the perks of shopping smartly on TEMU.

Photo/Video Review Required

When utilizing rebates on TEMU, it’s important to note that a photo or video review is a mandatory step to unlock the rebate. This requirement ensures authenticity and transparency in the review process, benefiting both shoppers and the platform. After purchasing a rebate-eligible product, take a moment to share your experience by submitting a detailed review along with relevant photos or videos showcasing the item.

This not only helps you claim your rebate but also assists other shoppers in making informed decisions based on real user feedback. Embracing this review process adds value to your shopping journey on TEMU while contributing to a trustworthy and reliable community of online shoppers.

Rebate Value Varies

The value of rebates on TEMU can fluctuate depending on several factors. While most rebates typically range from 20% to 50% off the item price, there are instances where rebates can be even higher, especially during limited-time “flash” rebate promotions that offer discounts of up to 90%.

It’s essential to check the specific rebate amount listed on each product page before making a purchase to understand the potential savings. By staying informed about rebate variations, shoppers can take advantage of the best deals available on TEMU and maximize their savings on a wide range of products.

Credits Expire

Credits earned through rebates on TEMU have an expiration date, typically set at 365 days after they are added to your account if unused. It’s important to keep track of your rebate credits and use them within this timeframe to avoid losing out on potential savings.

By utilizing your credits before they expire, you can make the most of your shopping experience on TEMU and enjoy additional discounts on future purchases. Remember to check the expiration date of your rebate credits periodically and plan your shopping accordingly to take full advantage of the savings opportunity.

For Final Sale Items Only

Rebates on TEMU are typically available only for items listed as “final sale.” This means that products marked as final sale cannot be returned, and they qualify for rebates during the checkout process. Shoppers should carefully review the product details to ensure they understand the final sale status and rebate eligibility before making a purchase.

By focusing on final sale items, customers can take advantage of rebate offers and enjoy additional savings on their TEMU purchases while acknowledging the non-refundable nature of these products.

What Products Work with Rebates on TEMU?

A wide range of products on TEMU qualify for rebates, spanning various categories to cater to different shopper preferences. Electronics such as phones, laptops, and gaming devices often come with rebate offers, alongside home and garden items like furniture and appliances.

Health and beauty products, automotive accessories, sports equipment, and more can also be eligible for rebates, providing shoppers with diverse options to save money. It’s advisable to check individual product pages for rebate information and explore the array of items that work with rebates on TEMU to find the best deals tailored to your needs and interests.


Electronics represent a popular category on TEMU, encompassing a wide array of gadgets and devices that appeal to tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. This category includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, smart home devices, and accessories like headphones and chargers.

Shoppers can find a range of reputable brands and the latest tech innovations in the electronics section on TEMU, often with rebate offers to help them save on their purchases. Whether you’re looking for a new phone, a powerful laptop, or cutting-edge smart devices, exploring the electronics category on TEMU can lead to exciting finds and significant savings opportunities.

Home & Garden

The Home & Garden category on TEMU is a treasure trove for homeowners, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts, offering a diverse selection of products to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces. From furniture and decor to kitchen appliances, gardening tools, and home improvement essentials, this category caters to various needs and styles.

Shoppers can discover everything from cozy bedroom sets and stylish patio furniture to practical kitchen gadgets and landscaping equipment. With rebate options often available, exploring the Home & Garden section on TEMU not only allows individuals to beautify their living spaces but also offers opportunities to save money on quality items for home enhancement projects.

Sports & Outdoors

The Sports & Outdoors category on TEMU is a haven for fitness enthusiasts, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering a wide range of products to support active lifestyles. From fitness equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes to outdoor gear such as camping supplies, hiking essentials, and sports accessories, this category caters to various activities and interests.

Shoppers can find top-rated brands and quality gear for activities like running, cycling, fishing, and more, with rebate opportunities adding to the appeal of saving money while pursuing their passions. Exploring the Sports & Outdoors section on TEMU provides individuals with the tools and equipment they need to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.


The Automotive category on TEMU is a hub for car enthusiasts, DIY mechanics, and drivers looking to enhance their vehicles or find practical accessories. From car parts and maintenance tools to automotive gadgets like dash cams and GPS devices, this category caters to a wide range of automotive needs.

Shoppers can discover reputable brands and high-quality products for both interior and exterior car care, with rebate options available on select items to help them save money. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your car’s performance, add convenience features, or maintain its condition, exploring the Automotive section on TEMU offers a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience for automotive enthusiasts.

Health & Beauty

The Health & Beauty category on TEMU is a paradise for skincare enthusiasts, beauty aficionados, and wellness seekers, offering a vast array of products to support self-care routines. From skincare devices and makeup products to hair tools, fragrances, and dietary supplements, this category caters to diverse beauty and health needs.

Shoppers can explore top-rated brands and discover innovative products for enhancing their beauty regimen, with rebate opportunities often available to help them save on their favorite items. Whether you’re looking for anti-aging solutions, makeup essentials, or wellness products, delving into the Health & Beauty section on TEMU provides a convenient and rewarding shopping experience for self-care enthusiasts.

Do All Sellers Offer Rebates?

Do All Sellers Offer Rebates?

Not all sellers on TEMU offer rebates, as the rebate program is initiated by individual sellers rather than being a platform-wide feature. It’s important for shoppers to check for the “Rebate” tag or information on seller profiles to determine if a specific vendor provides rebate offers before making a purchase. Here are some details about popular sellers known for offering rebates on TEMU:

  • Temushop: TEMU’s private label brand, known for rebates on electronics and home goods.
  • Hoojum: A top-rated seller offering frequent rebates, particularly on appliances, furniture, and home items.
  • Youthink: A leading vendor with rebate deals on apparel, health products, luggage, and electronics.
  • Chichik: A favorite among beauty shoppers, known for offering rebates on makeup and skincare products.

Checking individual seller pages while shopping on TEMU can help shoppers find the best rebate deals from reputable brands and sellers.

How to Get the Most Savings from Rebates

  • Sign Up For Newsletters: TEMU sellers often send out exclusive coupon codes and early notifications about upcoming rebate offers to subscribers.
  • Don’t Skip Product Reviews: Leaving detailed reviews with photos or videos is necessary to claim rebates and helps other shoppers make informed decisions.
  • Compare Rebates: Check rebate offers from multiple sellers for the same product to find the best deal and maximize savings.
  • Shop Rebates Stacks: Sometimes, rebate savings can be combined with coupons or existing sale prices, leading to significant discounts.
  • Share With Friends: Earn additional credits by referring friends to TEMU, and use those credits to make purchases with rebates, doubling your savings potential.

Rebates Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of rebates on TEMU is crucial for a smooth shopping experience:

  • Rebate values can change anytime, so the amount shown during purchase is guaranteed.
  • Rebates only apply to products listed as Final Sale (non-refundable).
  • To unlock a rebate, customers must submit their own photo/video review within 7 days of estimated delivery.
  • Rebate credits on TEMU account expire 365 days after being rewarded if unused.
  • For returns due to damage/incorrect items, the rebate credit gets deducted from the refund amount.
  • TEMU reserves the right to cancel any rebate if reviews appear fabricated or suspicious.

How Long Does it Take To Get Rebates?

The time it takes to receive rebates on TEMU can vary depending on several factors:

  • Order Rebate Eligible Item (Final Sale)
  • Receive and Inspect Delivery
  • Write Review with Pictures/Video Within 7 Days
  • TEMU Approves Review
  • Rebates Credits Added to Your Account Within 5-7 days

Generally, you should expect to receive your TEMU account credits within 5-7 days after uploading an eligible product review. However, during busy shopping periods like Black Friday, rebate approval and payout may take slightly longer due to increased order volumes. If your review gets rejected or you haven’t received credits after an approved review within 2 weeks, contacting TEMU customer support for assistance is advisable.

Can Rebates Be Combined With Other Discounts?

Yes, rebates on TEMU can often be combined with other discounts, allowing shoppers to maximize their savings:

  • Coupons: Rebates can be stacked with sitewide or category-specific coupons to further reduce the price of items.
  • Bundle Deals: When purchasing multiple items in a discounted bundle, rebates can apply to the overall bundle price, offering additional savings.
  • First Order Codes: New customers can use first-order codes for discounts, and rebates can still be applied to eligible items.
  • Lightning Deals: TEMU’s flash sales offering steep discounts can be combined with rebates, providing substantial savings on select items.
  • Credit Card Rewards: If your credit card offers cash back or rewards for online shopping, these benefits can be combined with TEMU rebates.
  • Referral Credits: Earn credits by referring friends to TEMU, and use these credits along with rebates for even more savings.

Are Rebates Available on the TEMU App?

Yes, rebates are available on the TEMU mobile app, providing users with convenient access to savings while shopping on-the-go:

  • Searching for rebate eligible goods: Users can easily search for products that qualify for rebates directly within the app.
  • Activating rebate offer before checkout: The app allows users to activate rebate offers and view applicable discounts before completing their purchase.
  • Reviewing My Rebates section: Users can track their rebate credits and view details of claimed rebates in the My Rebates section of the app.
  • Uploading images/video reviews: The app enables users to upload photos or videos for product reviews, which are necessary to unlock rebates.
  • Getting rebate credits: Once reviews are approved, users receive rebate credits directly to their TEMU account.
  • Notifications: The app sends notifications to alert users when their claimed rebates become available and when any credits are set to expire soon.

Can I Get Rebates When Shopping As a Guest?

Yes, you can still claim rebates when shopping as a guest on TEMU, although having a free member account offers additional benefits:

  • Claim a rebate offer: During checkout as a guest, you can still claim rebate offers by providing necessary information like the order number and submitting a review.
  • Receive rebate credits: Once your review is approved, you’ll receive rebate credits, which can be used towards future purchases on TEMU.

However, signing up for a free TEMU member account brings added convenience and advantages:

  • View claimable rebate status: Easily track the status of your rebate claims and view available credits in one dashboard.
  • Get reminders before credits expire: Receive notifications about expiring credits, ensuring you don’t miss out on using them.
  • Use credits across multiple orders: Credits earned through rebates can be used across multiple purchases, enhancing flexibility.
  • Get exclusive deals: Members may receive exclusive subscriber-only deals and discounts, enhancing their overall shopping experience.
  • Easier reordering and order tracking: With a member account, managing reorders and tracking orders becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Why Does TEMU Offer Rebates?

Why Does TEMU Offer Rebates?

TEMU offers rebates as a strategic approach to enhance the overall shopping experience and promote customer loyalty. By providing rebates, TEMU incentivizes customers to leave reviews and share their experiences, which helps build trust and credibility within the platform. Additionally, rebates encourage repeat visits and purchases as customers aim to utilize their earned credits before they expire, fostering a sense of loyalty and engagement.

Moreover, TEMU’s rebate program benefits sellers as well by generating valuable user-generated content in the form of reviews and feedback. This content not only aids in improving product visibility but also helps sellers gain insights into customer preferences and market trends. Overall, TEMU’s rebate system serves as a win-win for both shoppers and sellers, fostering a vibrant and interactive e-commerce ecosystem.

Encourage Review Content

Encouraging review content is a key aspect of TEMU’s strategy to enhance user engagement and build trust within its community. By incentivizing customers to leave reviews through rebates, TEMU creates a rich repository of authentic user-generated content. These reviews provide valuable insights and feedback for other shoppers, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.

Additionally, the continuous flow of review content helps improve product visibility, boosts conversion rates, and fosters a sense of transparency and credibility within the platform. Overall, TEMU’s emphasis on encouraging review content plays a vital role in creating a dynamic and interactive shopping experience for its users.

Support Sellers

Supporting sellers is a core aspect of TEMU’s business model, and the rebate program plays a significant role in this support. By offering rebates, TEMU incentivizes customers to leave reviews, which in turn provides valuable marketing data to sellers. These reviews help sellers optimize their listings, improve product visibility, and gain insights into customer preferences and satisfaction levels.

Additionally, when customers share positive experiences through reviews, it serves as free advertising for sellers, attracting more potential buyers. Ultimately, TEMU’s support for sellers through the rebate program fosters seller loyalty, enhances product discoverability, and contributes to a thriving marketplace ecosystem.

Promote Retention

Promoting retention is a key objective of TEMU’s rebate program, as it encourages customers to return to the platform for future purchases. By offering rebates that expire after a certain period, TEMU incentivizes customers to use their earned credits within a timeframe, leading to repeat visits and purchases.

This retention strategy fosters long-term relationships with customers, increases customer lifetime value, and contributes to TEMU’s overall success. Additionally, customers often explore new products and offerings each time they redeem their rebates, further enhancing their engagement with the platform and promoting retention in the e-commerce ecosystem.


Differentiation is a crucial aspect of TEMU’s business strategy, and the rebate program plays a significant role in setting TEMU apart from its competitors. By connecting discounts directly to shoppers contributing reviews, TEMU innovates in the e-commerce landscape. This unique approach not only enhances transparency and trust but also differentiates TEMU as a platform that values customer feedback and engagement.

The rebate system’s integration into TEMU’s marketplace model creates a distinctive shopping experience, attracting customers looking for value, authenticity, and meaningful interactions. Overall, differentiation through the rebate program strengthens TEMU’s position in the competitive e-commerce market.


In conclusion, TEMU’s rebate program offers a win-win situation for both shoppers and sellers. It encourages customers to leave valuable reviews while providing them with additional savings through rebates. This approach fosters a transparent and engaging shopping environment, enhancing trust and loyalty within TEMU’s community.

Furthermore, TEMU’s differentiation through its rebate system sets it apart as an innovative and customer-centric platform. By promoting retention, supporting sellers, and encouraging review content, TEMU creates a dynamic marketplace that benefits everyone involved. Overall, the rebate program is a key feature that adds value and enhances the overall shopping experience on TEMU.


What types of rebates work on TEMU purchases?

TEMU offers various types of rebates, including cashback rebates, coupon codes, referral credits, and credit card rewards. These rebates provide savings in the form of cash rewards, discounts, and credits, enhancing the value of purchases on TEMU.

Do in-store rebates work for TEMU purchases?

No, since TEMU is an online retailer, in-store rebates do not apply to purchases made on their website. However, TEMU’s rebate programs, such as cashback offers and coupon codes, are designed specifically for online transactions.

Does TEMU offer rebates through the mail?

No, TEMU does not offer mail-in rebates. All rebates and discounts are handled instantly at checkout or through third-party programs like cashback services, ensuring a seamless and efficient rebate process for online shoppers.

What’s the best way to find the highest rebates on TEMU purchases?

The best way to discover the highest rebates on TEMU purchases is by regularly checking rebate offers on the website, subscribing to TEMU’s newsletters for exclusive deals, and utilizing cashback services or coupon websites that track and highlight the best rebate opportunities available.

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