Bot: a Fast, Functional, and Efficient Image Generation Telegram Bot Bot is a Telegram bot renowned for its speed, functionality, and efficiency in generating images.

It boasts swift image generation times, privacy-focused practices by not storing user photos, and a seamless user experience.

With an emphasis on quality and user privacy, Bot stands out as a reliable option for AI-generated image creation.

Looking for a quick and reliable way to generate stunning images? Meet Bot: the ultimate solution for fast, functional, and efficient image creation on Telegram.

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Pricing Overview: Bot offers a flexible pricing model to suit different user needs. As an introductory offer, every new user receives one free image generation attempt.

For those requiring additional attempts, NuBee provides options for purchasing more attempts using either cryptocurrencies or PayPal.

Crypto payments start at $1 per attempt, while PayPal offers start at $0.66 per attempt.

Additionally, NuBee occasionally runs promotions on their Twitter account, such as a deal of 100 attempts for just $10, payable via crypto or PayPal.

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Sample Pricing Table:

ServiceFree AttemptsCrypto Price/AttemptPayPal Price/Attempt
Introductory Offer1N/AN/A
Additional AttemptsN/A$1$0.66
Twitter Promotion (100 attempts)N/A$10$10

Notes on Pricing:

  • The introductory offer provides a free attempt for new users, which is a great way to experience NuBee’s image generation capabilities.
  • Crypto payments offer a convenient alternative for users comfortable with cryptocurrency transactions, starting at $1 per attempt.
  • PayPal payments provide a more traditional payment method, starting at $0.66 per attempt, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Promotions like the Twitter deal of 100 attempts for $10 present excellent value for users requiring multiple image generation attempts.

This pricing structure ensures that users have flexibility in choosing the payment method that best suits their preferences, whether it’s through cryptocurrencies, PayPal, or taking advantage of occasional promotional offers.

TOP NuBee Features

TOP NuBee Features
  1. Efficient Image Generation: Bot stands out for its rapid image generation capabilities. Users can experience swift processing times, making it ideal for generating images on the go without long waiting periods.
  2. Privacy Protection: One of NuBee’s key features is its commitment to user privacy. Unlike some competitors, NuBee does not store user photos on their servers, ensuring that personal data remains secure and private.
  3. Watermark Absence: Bot distinguishes itself by not adding watermarks to generated images, except for their subtle logo in the bottom right corner. This feature is crucial for maintaining the originality and integrity of the generated content.
  4. Dual Image Variants: With NuBee, users get the advantage of generating two image variants for every attempt. This feature allows users to choose the best image from the generated options, enhancing user satisfaction and flexibility.
  5. Quality and Choice: While NuBee’s image quality may be slightly lower compared to some competitors, it offers a balance of speed and acceptable image quality. Users can expect decent results while enjoying the efficiency of the bot.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: Bot boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced users and newcomers. The interface is intuitive, allowing users to navigate and utilize the bot’s features effortlessly.
  7. Future Improvements: Bot is continuously evolving, with plans for future updates and improvements. Users can look forward to enhanced features, improved image quality, and a better overall user experience as Bot evolves over time.

These top features collectively make Bot a compelling choice for users seeking fast, functional, and efficient image generation capabilities while prioritizing privacy and user satisfaction.


Q: What is the best Telegram AI bot?

A: The “best” Telegram AI bot depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, Bot is highly regarded for its fast and efficient image generation capabilities, making it a popular choice among users seeking AI-generated images on Telegram.

Q: Which Telegram bot creates images?

A: Bot is a Telegram bot specifically designed for creating images. It utilizes AI technology to generate images based on user inputs, such as clothing removal or image enhancement.

Q: What does Nubee AI do?

A: Bot specializes in image generation using artificial intelligence. It can create various types of images, including those with clothing removal, and offers users the ability to choose between different image variants for each attempt.

Q: Does Telegram have AI?

A: Telegram itself doesn’t have AI capabilities built into the platform. However, developers can create AI-powered bots, like Bot, that operate within the Telegram platform to provide AI-driven services such as image generation, language processing, and more.

Q: Can I use ChatGPT in Telegram?

A: As of now, ChatGPT (like the one you’re interacting with) is not directly integrated into Telegram as a bot. However, developers can create custom bots using OpenAI’s API to incorporate ChatGPT’s capabilities into Telegram or other platforms.

Q: Are Telegram bots real or fake?

A: Telegram bots are real automated programs that perform various tasks based on user inputs. Bots like Bot are legitimate and provide genuine services, such as image generation, within the Telegram platform. However, users should exercise caution and verify the authenticity of bots before interacting with them to avoid potential scams or malicious activities.


In conclusion, Bot emerges as a standout choice for users seeking fast and efficient image generation on Telegram.

With its swift processing times, commitment to user privacy, and user-friendly interface, Bot delivers a seamless experience for creating AI-generated images.

While there are various Telegram bots available, Bot’s unique features, such as watermark absence and dual image variants, make it a reliable and convenient option for individuals and businesses alike looking to enhance their content creation capabilities.

As technology continues to evolve, Bot remains at the forefront, promising future improvements and updates to further enhance user satisfaction.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or simply looking to explore AI-generated imagery, Bot stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the world of Telegram bots.

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