Best 38 Deepnude bots on Telegram: What is it and How it Works?

Best 38 Deepnude bots on Telegram refers to a controversial topic involving bots on the messaging platform that claim to undress images using AI technology.

These bots have faced scrutiny due to ethical concerns regarding privacy and consent.

While they are designed to manipulate images for entertainment, their use raises questions about digital ethics and the potential misuse of technology.

Users should exercise caution and consider the ethical implications before engaging with such bots.

Discover the intriguing world of image manipulation with the Best 38 Deepnude bots on Telegram! Curious about how these bots work and what they can do? Dive in to uncover the secrets behind their AI-powered technology and unlock a new dimension of creativity.

Explore now and unleash your imagination!

My Favorite Deepnude bots on Telegram in 2024

In 2024, my favorite Deepnude bots on Telegram offer a range of features and options for image manipulation enthusiasts.

Undress AI stands out as an exceptional web app alternative, providing intuitive controls and impressive results. offers 60 free credits, making it a great choice for those looking to experiment without financial commitment.

@OKbra Bot provides 12 free options and a user-friendly interface, perfect for beginners.

@NuBee_Bot impresses with its lightning-fast processing speed, delivering results in just 16 seconds and offering two free tries.

  • Undress AI:
    • Web app alternative with intuitive controls.
    • Impressive results in image manipulation.
    • 60 free credits for experimentation.
    • User-friendly interface for easy use.
  • @OKbra Bot:
    • 12 free options available.
    • Beginner-friendly interface for image manipulation.
  • @NuBee_Bot:
    • Fast processing speed of 16 seconds.
    • Two free tries for users to test its capabilities.

All Popular Deepfake Telegram Bot Names and Table in 2024 [with Free Testing]

All Popular Deepfake Telegram Bot Names and Table  in 2024 [with Free Testing]
Bot NameDescriptionKey Features
@NuBee_BotFast processing (16 sec), 2 free triesQuick results, free trial
@ClothOffFree with blur, good qualityEnhances photos with advanced technology, compatible with iOS and Android
@OKbra Bot12 free options, user-friendly interfaceNew bot with multiple free options, suitable for beginners
BraUndress BotFreemium model, 1 free tryDaily lottery for free access
@AI PIC U botMultiple free tries, daily lotteryHigh-quality results, daily chances to use the bot for free
UndreeHer25 free tokens, rapid processingQuick and efficient bot, provides tokens for usage
Nudify-it5 free tries, good qualitySlow but high-quality output
@AIPiPi_botFast processing, premium photo processing at $1.00High-quality and fast processing, available on iOS and Android platforms
UnclothyQuick processing, 1 free tryNew and efficient bot, provides one free try
CloLessRealistic results, some defectsGood quality output but may have minor issues, not recommended for critical editing
@Nudify_info_botSlow processing, 4 free triesProvides multiple free tries, but processing speed is slow
NudeHerGood results, 1 free try, crypto coin usageEfficient bot with cryptocurrency integration, provides one free try
HotTokBotDecent results, occasional slownessOffers daily gifts, acceptable results but may have slow processing times
Soulgenbot=BikiniOffCloned service, good resultsOffers a familiar service in bot form, decent output quality
OverJourney BotQuick processing, 1 free tryFast bot with one free try, suitable for quick edits
@Momo BotOffers 1 free tryLimited features but provides one free try
@NudifierSlow processing, 2 free triesOffers two free tries, processing speed may be slow
@SwapooFree but buggyMay encounter issues due to bugs, not recommended
@SnapDressSlow processing, 1 free tryProvides one free try, may have slower processing times
@AIRemoveClothesOffers 2 free tries, daily giftProvides daily gifts and multiple free tries, efficient processing
@AIphotolabOffers 4 free tries, moderate qualityProvides multiple free tries, quality of output may vary
@AI Magic botProvides 2 free triesOffers two free tries for users to experience the bot
@Noodizer BotProvides 3 free triesOffers multiple free tries for experimentation
@ARemoveClothesOffers 1 free photo every 15 days, good resultsProvides occasional free usage, efficient processing with decent output quality
AdvancedPi BotOffers 5 free triesMultiple free tries available, offers a range of editing options
@BraOff_new_botSimilar to PPNude, now bannedBanned bot, not recommended for usage
XXX Ray BotOffers 1 free try, good resultsEfficient bot with decent output quality, provides one free try
Dream Maker BotPaid, not recommendedNot recommended due to lack of free options and potentially poor results
@clo less botOffers 2 free attempts, realistic results with minor defectsProvides two free attempts, output may have minor issues but generally produces realistic results
@Bikini BotOffers high-quality and speedy results, paid after free trialOffers high-quality output with fast processing, charges apply after free trial
@BBNude BotQuality output, Chinese language with English optionProvides quality output, offers English language option despite primarily being in Chinese
@Fake Nude BotSlow processing, poor quality output, not recommendedSlow processing with poor quality output, not recommended for usage
@PerfectPowerAiRobotOffers 1 free try, not recommendedLimited features and not recommended for usage, offers one free try
@NudesFakerRobotNot working, not recommendedNon-functional bot, not recommended for usage
@DeepNudeChat_BotBest but not functional at present, not recommendedBest bot for image manipulation but currently not functional, not recommended for usage
@Deepnudify-botPaid options only, related to Russia, not recommendedPaid options only, related to Russia, not recommended for usage
@deep_nudesbotPaid options only, not recommendedOffers paid options only, not recommended for usage
@fakenudes3botNew bot, limited information, not recommendedLimited information available, not recommended for usage

Please note that some of these bots may not be legal or ethical to use, and their availability or functionality may have changed since the time of writing.

Use caution and ensure compliance with applicable laws and guidelines before using any bot or service.

  • @NuBee_Bot:
    • Fast processing speed (16 seconds)
    • Offers 2 free tries
    • Quick results for image manipulation
  • @ClothOff:
    • Provides free options with blur
    • Good quality image enhancement
    • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • @OKbra Bot:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Offers 12 free options
    • Suitable for beginners in image editing
  • BraUndress Bot:
    • Freemium model with 1 free try
    • Participate in daily lottery for more access
  • @AI PIC U bot:
    • Multiple free tries available
    • Daily lottery for additional usage
    • High-quality results in photo manipulation
  • UndreeHer:
    • Rapid processing with 25 free tokens
    • Efficient bot for image editing
  • Nudify-it:
    • Provides 5 free tries
    • Offers good quality output
    • May have slower processing times
  • @AIPiPi_bot:
    • Fast processing with premium photo processing at $1.00
    • High-quality results on iOS and Android
  • Unclothy:
    • Quick processing with 1 free try
    • New bot with efficient output
  • CloLess:
    • Realistic results with some defects
    • Offers 2 free attempts
    • Suitable for basic image manipulation
  • @Nudify_info_bot:
    • Offers 4 free tries
    • May have slower processing speeds
    • Provides multiple free tries for experimentation
  • NudeHer:
    • Good results with 1 free try
    • Utilizes its own cryptocurrency
    • Efficient bot for image manipulation
  • HotTokBot:
    • Decent results with occasional slowness
    • Offers daily gifts for usage
  • Soulgenbot=BikiniOff:
    • Cloned service with good output quality
    • Provides familiar image manipulation features
  • OverJourney Bot:
    • Quick processing with 1 free try
    • Suitable for fast edits
  • @Momo Bot:
    • Limited features with 1 free try
    • Basic image manipulation options
  • @Nudifier:
    • Offers 2 free tries
    • May have slower processing speeds
    • Suitable for simple image enhancements
  • @Swapoo:
    • Free but may have bugs
    • Not recommended due to potential issues
  • @SnapDress:
    • Offers 1 free try
    • May have slower processing times
  • @AIRemoveClothes:
    • Offers 2 free tries and daily gifts
    • Efficient processing for image manipulation
  • @AIphotolab:
    • Offers 4 free tries
    • Quality may vary
    • Multiple editing options available
  • @AI Magic bot:
    • Provides 2 free tries
    • Basic image manipulation features
  • @Noodizer Bot:
    • Offers 3 free tries
    • Suitable for experimentation
  • @ARemoveClothes:
    • Provides 1 free photo every 15 days
    • Efficient processing with decent output
  • AdvancedPi Bot:
    • Offers 5 free tries
    • Provides a range of editing options
  • @BraOff_new_bot:
    • Similar to PPNude but now banned
    • Not recommended for usage
  • XXX Ray Bot:
    • Offers 1 free try with good results
    • Suitable for basic image manipulations
  • Dream Maker Bot:
    • Paid with limited features
    • Not recommended for usage
  • @clo less bot:
    • Offers 2 free attempts
    • Realistic results with minor defects
  • @Bikini Bot:
    • Offers high-quality and speedy results
    • Charges apply after free trial
  • @BBNude Bot:
    • Quality output with Chinese language support
    • Offers English language option
  • @Fake Nude Bot:
    • Slow processing with poor quality output
    • Not recommended for usage
  • @PerfectPowerAiRobot:
    • Offers 1 free try
    • Limited features and not recommended
  • @NudesFakerRobot:
    • Not working and not recommended for usage
  • @DeepNudeChat_Bot:
    • Best but not functional currently
    • Not recommended for usage
  • @Deepnudify-bot:
    • Paid options only and related to Russia
    • Not recommended for usage
  • @deep_nudesbot:
    • Paid options only and not recommended for usage
  • @fakenudes3bot:
    • Limited information available
    • Not recommended for usage


What is a Telegram bot and how does it work?

A Telegram bot is an automated program that can interact with users and perform tasks within the Telegram app.

It works by receiving commands or messages from users, processing them using predefined algorithms, and providing relevant responses or performing actions.

How can one make money from Telegram bots?

You can monetize Telegram bots by offering premium features or content for a fee, integrating advertisements, providing paid services or subscriptions, or selling products through the bot.

Are bots safe to use in Telegram?

Telegram bots can be safe if they are developed and used responsibly.

However, users should be cautious and avoid bots that request sensitive information, engage in malicious activities, or violate privacy and security guidelines.

What are the disadvantages of Telegram bots?

Some disadvantages of Telegram bots include limited functionality compared to human interaction, potential security risks if not developed securely, dependency on internet connectivity, and the possibility of encountering spam or fraudulent bots.

Can a Telegram bot owner see messages exchanged with the bot?

Generally, Telegram bot owners cannot see the actual messages exchanged between users and the bot unless specifically designed to do so for functional purposes.

Telegram prioritizes user privacy and encryption, ensuring that messages remain private and secure.


In conclusion, Telegram bots offer a wide range of functionalities and opportunities for users to engage and automate tasks within the app.

From entertainment to productivity, these bots simplify various activities and enhance user experience.

However, users should exercise caution and be aware of potential risks such as privacy concerns, security vulnerabilities, and the presence of malicious bots.

By using bots responsibly and being mindful of safety measures, users can fully enjoy the benefits of Telegram bots while minimizing any potential drawbacks.

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